Askja, a rabbit with surgical dehiscence following a TECA-LBO procedure

SPECIES: common pet rabbit (Oryctolagus cuniculus)
GENDER: sterilised female
NAME: Askja

Clinical case:

Askja was brought to the clinic due to constant ear shaking; the presence of abundant and festering wax was seen inside the left ear canal. 
She therefore underwent a CT – computer tomography – which revealed the presence of thick material inside the left tympanic bulla.  


Askja was hospitalised and underwent a TECA-LBO (Total Ear Canal Ablation Lateral Bulla Osteotomy) intervention supported by the following medical therapy: 

  • systemic antibiotic therapy (Enrofloxacin and Procaine Benzylpenicillin)
  • systemic anti-inflammatory therapy.
  • support therapy: continuous intravenous infusion.

Following the dehiscence of the wound 72 hours from surgery, topical disinfection and laser therapy were added to the systemic therapy.

Laser Therapy specifications​:

MLS® Laser Therapy with Mphi Vet Orange, after dressing the wound (prior to applying the cream), every 24 hours 


Program Wound (surgical)
Joules/cm2 3.93
Joules 24.691
Length of treatment 1:38"
Points 2
Intensity 50%


The therapeutic protocol was continued unchanged for 10 days, the day on which the anti-inflammatory and the Enrofloxacin drugs were stopped. 
The second antibiotic, the intravenous infusion and the MLS® Laser Therapy were continued.

A progressive improvement was noted during the laser therapy treatment sessions, with a reduction of the infection and of the wound size.

On day 15 the wound was replaced by scar tissue and fibrinogen and Askja was discharged. 

Courtesy of Dr.Giordano Nardini, DECZM (Herpetology), and Dr. Chiara Simonini, Clinica Veterinaria Modena Sud - Modena, Italy