Gasparre, a parrot with self-inflicted wounds

BREED: rose-breasted Cockatoo
GENDER: male
NAME: Gasparre

Clinical case
Gasparre was admitted to the clinic during December 2015 because of a self-inflicted wound.  There was no significant improvement after a month of recovery and traditional therapies. The decision was then taken that he should undergo MLS® Laser Therapy.

Gasparre underwent MLS® Laser Therapy three times a week: the “wound (infected)” program for the first two sessions and the “wound” program for the subsequent ones.
The applications were carried out with the point technique along the edges of the wound and in concentric scanning on the wound itself.

Gasparre’s wound had healed at the end of the MLS® Laser Therapy.

Courtesy of Dr. Roberta Burdisso, Physiotherapy Service Director CHV Fregis - Paris, France