A Rhesus Macaque with a pressure ulcer

SPECIES: Rhesus Macaque
GENDER: male
AGE: 5 years old


Clinical case

Following a spinal cord injury, the monkey was paralysed and unable to move. Two weeks later, it began to develop a pressure ulcer on the left ischial tuberosity. After three weeks’ treatment with disinfectants and montmorillonite, the outlook continued to worsen. The wound area was larger, with infection and purulence. Tissue loss was impressive, there was loss of derma and the bone was visible. The diagnosis was grade IV pressure ulcer and the decision was taken to use the Mphi Vet Orange model of MLS® Laser Therapy.

Treatment with MLS® Laser Therapy

In order to reduce application times, the first sessions were carried out with the multidiode applicator in points mode, considering the wound area as a single point. The program was <<Infected wound>>.

  • After the first treatment, the worsening stopped.
  • Granulation tissue was present after the second treatment.
  • The wound began healing after 3 treatments.

A handpiece was used from the fourth treatment in order to treat the wound edges, which was applied to 4 points with the <<Wound>> program.

  • After 4 MLS® Laser Therapy treatments, the situation appeared considerably improved. Granulation tissue was present at the wound edges.
  • After the fifth session, the wound was almost completely healed.
  • In the sixth treatment, the wound extent was considerably reduced. The therapeutic effect had been very efficacious.


The treatment of laser therapy was applied twice a week. Neverless in case of wounds a daily application can be carried in order to speed up the healing process. The wound was disinfected and protected with montmorillonite powder after application. The healing process was very fast and the effectiveness of MLS® Laser Therapy allowed closing a wound which was getting worse, despite the various treatments.

Courtesy of Dr. Xiaoguang Li, Biomaterial Research Group of Neurological Institute, Capital Medical University