CCRP: MLS® the focus of the Mallorca stage

Tuesday, October 26, 2021

From Italy to Spain: after the success obtained in Milan last September, the CCRP (Canine Rehabilitation Certificate Program) Course landed in Mallorca (12/14 October) where 16 participants from 9 countries were able to perfect their canine rehabilitation skills.

The in-depth lessons also included a session dedicated to MLS® Laser Therapy, with a specific focus on the benefits of its use when treating multiple pathologies common in pets.

“We were hosted – Alberto Fera, ASA’s Area Manager, explains –by Doctor Renata Diniz’s clinic where, because of their numbers, the participants were divided into 3 groups in order to allow a more effective exchange of questions and opinions. The interest shown by participating vets towards the use of MLS® and of its Mphi Vet device was significant, given the many requests for in-depth analysis that were formulated both in relation to laser therapy features in general and to more clinical issues such as the laser-tissue interaction. Taking part in courses of this calibre is undoubtedly an important added value for our therapeutic solution which, given the presence of professionals from different countries, also managed to achieve an international limelight”.

In addition to the specialists, the value attributed to ASA’s therapy was also underlined by the organisers themselves:

“We are proud to have been able to host an in-depth analysis of the MLS® Laser Therapy, whose patented system allows a precise, effective and safe treatment for a series of issues which can precisely affect dogs. Alberto gained the interest of the group with his presentation, stimulating discussion and debate”.

CCRP Maiorca 2021 - Credits: @CCRP.VAHL
CCRP Maiorca 2021 - Credits: @CCRP.VAHL
CCRP Maiorca 2021 - Credits: @CCRP.VAHL