M-VET is here: a completely new veterinary therapy

This is an excellence in the field of veterinary therapeutic solutions.
Monday, February 8, 2021

2021 marks the arrival on the scene of M-VET: the new device developed by ASA’s Research and Development department combines the benefits of the MLS® synchronised pulse with a flexible and resistant optical fibre technology which ensures an easy and safe treatment experience.

Lightweight, pleasant to the touch and highly resistant to blows, scratches and bites, M-VET is the perfect partnership between technological innovation and functionality.

The user-friendly graphic interface, the high brightness 10.1” touch screen providing excellent display both in the clinic and outdoors, the updatable software, already providing a wide range of pre-set programs and customisable options, an after-sales support service entrusted to qualified personnel are just some of M-VET’s features.

The device’s effectiveness is provided through an ergonomic and compact handpiece equipped with 4 optical terminals which allows immediate interchangeability and the automatic adjustment of the treatment parameters thanks to its connection system.

Ease of use is also provided by the option of using M-VET outdoors, both with a shoulder strap and with its specific trolley, by means of a battery which does not require connection to the mains supply. In addition to its conditions of use, it is a valuable work partner thanks to the results it offers in terms of effectiveness, without ever compromising on safety.