MLS® in the rehabilitation of arthrosis in dogs: a successful case

MLS® Laser Therapy confirms its effectiveness in the rehabilitation of some particularly disabling pathologies such as arthrosis.
Friday, November 20, 2020

The case of Meadow, a 4-year-old female Italian hound, is the perfect example of this. For months the dog was unable to sit or move his tail due to a rupture in the ligaments of both knees, which had led to persistent arthrosis with consequent pain and postural imbalances.

Following a specialist visit, Meadow was subjected to functional rehabilitation which also included MLS® sessions with the ‘Arthrosis’ protocol applied to knees and back. The applications have allowed a clear recovery already from the first sessions.

“With unstable joints like those of Meadow,’ said Dr Roberta Burdisso, DMV specialist in physiotherapy at the ‘Center Hospitalier Vétérinaire Fregis’ in Paris who followed the case of the hound, ‘the consequences were arthrosis and pain. The surgical operation recovered the ligaments, but did not reduce arthrosis, for which the functional rehabilitation process consisting of MLS® Laser Therapy and hydrotherapy was fundamental. However, working exclusively on the knees was not enough, but with the use of the global approach the effects were fast and tangible”.

This was also underlined by the owner of the dog Helene Mennelet-Devouard, who said:

“Today Meadow is joyful; she sits on her hind legs; she is relaxed and extremely calm after the Laser Therapy sessions. But most importantly, she regained muscle tone and can now run again”.

To complete the therapy, the dog did a series of training sessions with increasing intensity inside the hydrotherapy pool, which led to further valuable results.

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