MLS® treats the injuries on a bear's paw

Monday, December 14, 2020

With one leg injured and excoriated from getting caught in a trap, it is impossible to run and play among the trees and wooden buildings of Taiwan’s Dongshi Forest Garden.

The brown bear victim of the bad accident is back to running thanks to MLS® Laser Therapy.

The staff of the Biological Research and Conservation Centre of the Garden – in the district of Taichung City – subjected the bear to a cycle of sessions. In just 2 months he recovered the best physical condition and went back to being able to move easily.

Applied on his wounds and ulcers, MLS®, thanks to its powerful biostimulating effect, allowed the rapid cicatrisation of the lesions, the immediate improvement of local blood circulation, the fast recovery of the structural integrity of the damaged tissues, and the reduction of pain in a short amount of time.

MLS® treats the injuries on a bear's paw - Taichung City