Paris: in-person MLS® training sessions resume

Friday, April 9, 2021

MLS® Laser Therapy and notes on the use of Magnetotherapy in the veterinary field were the main topics of an operational clinical training organized with the collaboration of Hospimedi (ASAveterinary’s French partner) in Paris, on April 8.

The training session was held in person and was attended by 10 professionals of the sector who already adopted MLS® Laser Therapy. Led by Dr Roberta Burdisso (physiotherapist, functional re-educator, and head of the physiotherapy service of the Centre Hospitalier Vétérinaire Fregis in Arcueil, France), they were able to learn more about the use of lasers to treat common pathologies in small animals.

“The meeting was a success,’ commented Roberto Terruzzi, ASA’s Senior Export Manager, ‘both because it marked the resumption of training meetings in person and no longer only remotely, and because of the involvement of the attendees, who actively participated in the session by asking questions about the device and the methods of application”.

The step from theory to practice was short, thanks to the presence of a dog undergoing therapy.

“Being able to concretely verify the methods of application has a decisive value for Vet specialists, who, in addition to seeing how to work in practice, can also see the reactions of the animal, understanding how the therapy is effective, well tolerated, and does not create difficulties”.

MLS Laser Therapy training and Magnetotherapy Qs Vet - Paris
MLS Laser Therapy training and Magnetotherapy Qs Vet Dr Burdisso
MLS Laser Therapy training for dogs with Dr Burdisso