Research: MLS® in disc extrusion post-surgery recovery

Monday, May 25, 2020

To verify the effects of MLS® Laser Therapy as part of a post-surgery rehabilitation protocol in animals who have undergone surgery for thoracolumbar disc extrusion: this is the objective of the study “Perilesional photobiomodulation therapy and physical rehabilitation in post-operative recovery of dogs surgically treated for thoracolumbar disk extrusion” spontaneously implemented by internationally renowned professionals such as Giuseppe Spinella (Department of Veterinary Medical Sciences – University of Bologna) supported inter alia by Marco Bernardini (Veterinary Hospital “Portoni Rossi” and Department of Animal Medicine, Production and Health at the University of Padua).

The research involved 24 dogs, half of which underwent physiotherapy rehabilitation and laser therapy with Mphi Vet Orange, and highlighted the beneficial effect of laser therapy in animals with retained deep nociception and, in parallel, the tendency to a faster recovery. The results obtained thus support the pluses of using MLS® as part of a rehabilitation protocol for neurological recovery in dogs affected by intervertebral extrusion undergoing final decompression surgery.



BMC Veterinary Research