Paolo Squarzoni: MLS® is decisive for feline gingivostomatitits

The number of veterinary specialists who include MLS® Laser Therapy among the most effective therapies for treating the many issues which affect their patients is growing.

Whether these are pets or exotic species or equines, the ASAlaser therapeutic solution has everything it takes to reassure the animal’s owner. The speed of application and the value of the results obtained increase the advantages of its intrinsic features. In fact, just a few sittings can be required for the patient’s full recovery.

This is confirmed by Doctor Paolo Squarzoni of the Squarzoni Veterinary Clinic in Molinella (BO) who included MLS® in his centre aver receiving positive feedback from some colleagues and collecting information during industry Congresses. Making it its workmate was just a short step.

Q. What convinced you to include MLS® Laser Therapy among the therapies available to patients in your Clinic?
A. Its extreme ease of use, the low patient reaction during applications, including from the most aggressive ones, and the results seen after a short trial period were the discriminatory factors. The scales were also tipped in its favour by some non-secondary technical features, which distinguish it from other therapies. One example stands out: MLS® requires no sedation or anaesthesia to be applied. In addition, unlike other instruments which are mainly for surgery and also add a “therapeutic” option, or other lasers oriented towards treatment alone, in my opinion, MLS® Laser Therapy has proved to be much more effective and easy to manage.

Q. How significant was the patient’s response in terms of tolerability for your choice?
A. It was fundamental. MLS® gives no problems, reassuring the patient and the owner who is sometimes wary of resorting to a laser solution for his/her animal, thinking this might cause it pain. These qualms are overcome when it is understood that there is no suffering and the benefits are evident.

Q. In relation to the cases you experience first-hand, for which pathologies did the treatment prove its effectiveness?
A. Undoubtedly for pain concerning the skeletal system, for some types of dermatitis and, in particular, for reducing pain and inflammation in the inflammatory stage of feline gingivostomatitis. Its use to deal with this specific issue is almost on a daily basis, thanks to the results obtained which range from solving the clinical case to a significant improvement. I personally also recommend it for cases of feline gingivostomatitis which tend not to respond to extraction, when that is, despite the radical extraction of teeth, the patient still shows pain, lack of appetite, hypersalivation.

Q. What is the specific value of MLS® Laser Therapy in these cases?
A. Thanks to its use, the patient starts feeding again and, subsequently, often attains the status of “clinical recovery”.

Paolo Squarzoni DVM, Squarzoni Veterinary Clinic - Bologna, Italy